Mar. 18th, 2009 06:53 pm
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A month ago I was chipping ice off the washing line to hang laundry up - which I did wearing a coat and gloves.

Today I was out there in my tshirt, jeans, and open-toed sandals, hanging wet washign slowly to relish the sun on my shoulders.

The children didn't want to go out but in the late afternoon I brought the bike and scooters into the front hallway and opened the door, and we played on the footpath outside for 30-45 minutes. Linnea has about grown into her huge scooter now so she, Emer and I have one each. She isn't keen on her bike though. She wants the saddle a little lower.

The sun shone, I opened the windows and played music so we could hear it in the street (though sadly not as loud as some cars) and it was lovely lovely lovely.

If I weren't slightly crazed with purely physical pain, all would be magnificent - as it is, things are pretty damn good.

And the weather is forecast to continue charming.
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My mother's siblings - M(f), P(m), herself (f), M(f), E(f), D(f)

My mother's children, all female - D, O, G, A, N.

My mother's grandchildren - 6f, 1m.
2002 D-> O(m)
2003 D-> S(f)
2004 A-> L(f)
2005 D-> O(f)
2006 A-> E(f)
2008 O-> F(f)
2009 D-> C(f)

There's another one due in 2009, September time, so that will make up for 2007 nicely.

I must get photos of everyone and make a family tree picture for my children.
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"Oh dear," followed by "Is there any chance you're pregnant?"

So I had an X-ray and my unwise toothlet is visibly not fitting, now.

The root isn't properly open - apparently it's doing the wrong thing with the nerve, there inside my gum. And the tooth itself is trying to grow up out of my lower jawbone up into my upper jawbone, which it can't do. Meanwhile, it's damaging the adjacent tooth, inflaming the gum, enraging the general populace and annoying me.

Oh, and it hurts.

I have a week's antibiotic scrip, and some mouthwash, and OTC painkillers (and my sekrit stash of 30mg codeine phosphate), and in about six weeks I'll get a phonecall to set up an appointment for extraction. In a hospital.

I'll have to manage childcare; I hope it's straightforward. Though they are very well-behaved while I get my dentistry done, watching me have my wisdom tooth out is probably a mite traumatic for them.

I've been a bit dazed all day, probably from the pain. It's easing off a little now, possibly due to antibiotics or mouthwash or something.
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It's a lovely day for laundry - I've done the handwashing, even - and swinging on the swing and seeing on the saw and bouncing on the trampoline. And it's a lovely day for mowing the lawn, ish, and raking the winter's leaves off it, and finding all sorts of toys hidden in the long grass.

If this continues we'll have a usable garden by the end of the week - one people could come and sit in, even.

It's glorious weather.

Poor Linnea will be FORCED out into it shortly. She'd rather stay in the front room looking at books. Why she doesn't want to look at the outdoors is beyond me. But she has to come to the dentist with me - no choice there!
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I've been taking codeine - codeine, to which I was addicted, which makes me sick - and paracetamol and ibuprofen and I still want to hit people.

There's nothing visibly wrong, but my head is throbbing as though it's swollen to the size of a London black taxi.

If I go to bed, I hope Rob is sound enough asleep not to be woken as I toss, turn, and whimper. Because if he wakes up, I am almost guaranteed to add whining to my repertoire.

Poor ole Rob. But at least he doesn't have wisdom teeth.


Mar. 10th, 2009 11:13 pm
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Rob and I are both doing better today - he slept almost all night through and I had several chunks of more than an hour each. Which, compared to Sunday night, was brilliant.

This morning Linnea woke bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and pottered about on her computer while I stayed in bed with Emer. I got up before Emer properly woke and did laundry and dishwashering and tidying, and then when Emer woke we all had porridge. Linnea and I were dressed to go out by ten o'clock but Emer wasn't until closer to eleven, but that's ok. She doesn't like being dressed.

We went to Lidl for orange juice and bananas and carrots and other things which are available in organic, fair-trade, or British (ie kinda localish) cheaper than the market sells them. I also caved in and bought silicate grapes (ie nonorganic) imported from the other end of the planet. Bad Environmentalist No Biscuit.

After that I compounded my sin by eating in McDonalds, which I'm always ashamed of because of their international eeeeebil, and then we came home and I finished doing laundry and tidying the bathroom, kitchen, and dining room for the BfN people. I put the stairgate in and cleared the kitchen and got coffee on, and it was almost ready by the time the first person arrived.

The lesson went well.

Rob arrived during the post-lesson chat, and so I could leave for the True Food market without waking Emer. Linnea was just as pleased to be left behind too. I got a lot of useful shopping done and had two cups of tea and several interesting-to-me conversations. I absolutely have to get out more - this is really important. Maybe if I take up yoga it will help.

All I ever think about are money and babies, babies and money. Oh, and environmentalism and politics.

I think this third week of PMS is doing a number on my self-perception because I am not in a good place right now.

I crept into Linnea's bed in the night because I had persistent anxiety about her continued breathing.

So tired

Mar. 9th, 2009 02:10 pm
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I keep walking into things. Rob went to work wearing sandals instead of boots and didn't realise until his feet got cold while cycling. The children are eating a mouthful every ninety minutes or so.

However, I have monster laundry mountains in process, and I've emailed the community garden for a replacement key, and left voicemail with the secretary for the hall we hired for Linnea's third birthday to see if it's free this year.

I just need to make sure I don't do anything important while I'm this tired.
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Rob was up all night with Linnea. I was up all night with Emer. Both children were hot, sweaty, and scratching like loons. And peeing like rivers.

Today they are both cranky and not hungry, but apparently well. I'm cranky and starving and grouchy and clawed.

The cats were sick in the night; Rob cleaned up two parts of a dead animal from under one chair, in the middle of the night, and I cleaned up a heap of undigested catfood from under another chair this morning. I'll also have to wash the coats which were on the floor, as they were affected too. Yuck.

It's an absolutely gorgeous day and my children are wiped out by either a lowlevel virus or the party and sugar from yesterday.

On the plus side, I got their clean laundry put away, the wet bedding in the washing machine, dinner is on, the dishwasher is running, both children are dressed, and I had a coffee.

I think I'll get myself dressed now and have another one. (I do my housework in my pyjamas. I'm not sure why).
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As if the day couldn't get any better! After all that, for the cakes I made were rich and chocolatey, and they cooled while we ate lunch, which were perfectly boiled with runny yolks - and because Emer won't eat the yolk of an egg, I had TWO. I ate mine with my egg, and hers spread on toast. Yolk-viscosity is something which I strongly believe to be firmly in the lap of the gods, so I was pleased they came out so well.

After lunch the girls ate the cake-mix left in the bowl / on the mixing spoon. Then they washed their faces and we had visitors. The children spent a long time painting and then a long time rampaging. I got totalk to an actual adult in actual daylight, and caught up on some of their news ecksetra.

Because we have daylight now no-one realised how late it was getting until Rob came home, and he cooked sausages and broccoli for dinner, and then he and I sat down and did a proper mealplan, bringing us up to Tuesday 17 March - I've just realised we ought to have planned something green for that day but there you go.

I've been browsing the moneysavingexperts website but have a nasty feeling I'm already doing most of what's recommended. We are going to downgrade a lot of our food shopping - Farmer's Market local veg rather than True Food Co-op local organic veg, for example - but there are lengths to which I cannot bring myself to go. I will probably manage, though, if the credit crunch gets any crunchier (we recessed slightly today - Rob was told that his overtime no longer has time off in lieu guaranteed, which, given that he's guaranteed overtime and not paid for it, is a pain for us).

Today I baked a huge, shiny loaf of white bread. It remains to be seen how crusty it is. I have to eat a loaf of brown bread first.

Oh, but life is tough sometimes!
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I got up, put the nappies on to wash, and started sweeping floors. I got yesterday's dishes in the dishwasher and cleaned the dining room. G and two of his children arrived about ten, and I got the dining room floor clean shortly after that, and we had tea and coffee and talked about Pleasure Town is Invite Only and Heathcliff and Borth and then they left and I cleaned the kitchen, hung the nappies up to dry, and fed the children lunch and was almost done when the BfN people started arriving at 12:40.

I was tremendously pleased G called before visiting as I usually do Big Housework in my pyjamas and would have hated to open the door unwashed and not yet dressed properly. This way we were all three dressed when they arrived.

We spent the first hour of the session working out which assignments were which, which ones we'd done, and which ones we had yet to do. We were all confused about this.

Now I know how much work I have yet to do I can start planning how to do it. But first I need to find my USB memory stick and listen to my taped role-play from Saturday.

Two loaves

Mar. 2nd, 2009 11:57 am
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I'm waiting to bake them. They are sitting like lumpen blumps now, hopefully planning to rise.

The children washed themselves, once in hand sanitiser gel, and then again with soap and water to get the gel off. They also eventually agreed to eat.

I can't get them out of the house today. But perhaps just stopping the whinging is a high enough goal.
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Strange, but nice183. I'm incredibly tired - we had kids other than our own here from 2-7pm. And their parents. There were several last-minute cancellations, which is just as well, because I was unwell enough yesterday that we basically had to do all the prep this morning and I spent the first hour and a bit of the party washing dishes so that people could have something to eat off.

Also, I was up for four hours in the night with Emer, who napped for a chunk of the party and is now awake and eating a large apple.

We have quite a lot of food left. I think I will eat lots of it tomorrow, though.

Oh, and we're going to run out of coffee. But I like coffee and so do my friends.

We know a lot of nice four-year-olds184. Most of whom will be five in a few weeks' time.

We also are beginning to know nice two-year-olds, so Emer will have a social circle which overlaps but is not reliant on Linnea's social circle185.

For my next trick, I'll see if I can't find my own again, but the kids' social lives do eat a lot of my social energy. And, truth to tell, I like it that way - I'm not willing to sacrifice that for the other.

Perhaps I need to set a goal of one non-kid social thing every other month, or something. I dunno.

(Also, I keep wanting to smoke. No!)


Feb. 12th, 2009 11:30 am
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Tidied both downstairs rooms and hallway, swept 'em, hung out three and a half loads of laundry (ice froze the clothespegs together in the basket, ow), dressed both children, brushed three sets of teeth and hair.

We're half an hour late but it could be worse.
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Well, we haven't eaten breakfast yet, but I have scrubbed measles off both children in the bath, using a scrubbing brush on Linnea's body and a facecloth on her face and Emer's body. While I was upstairs listening to the death toll in Australia Linnea was downstairs climbing chairs to find the permanent markers.

She didn't like the scrubbing brush.

Anyway, now all three of us have washed hair and the worst of the spots are off both girls. I can't get them off the bathroom wall.

And the dishwasher is running, and the laundry is on and the other laundry is hung up and, at last, the porridge is cooked, so here we go.
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Today we went to ERAPA, which Linnea and Emer loved and I found exhausting. I've done so much socialising this week, and so little sleeping, that the effort of going into a group of people I don't know intimately and breaking into their conversations even enough to say "Hello" was too much. I know from experience that this is sometimes perceived as rude, as is breaking into conversations in the wrong way and at the wrong time, but I was honestly too tired to care. Handling a group from outside is just a game of rules I don't know or understand, with stakes no-one makes clear before you start. I can't even tell how I'm doing after I've managed to join in the conversation. I can't tell whether I've dominated it inappropriately, or been rudely silent, or done sort of ok. And eventually my throat closes over and I can't even speak audibly any more.

Professional situations don't do that to me, unless they're informal mandatory fun stuff, which is allegedly social. Situations of authority, such as being in charge of organising an otherwise social event, don't do it to me. But Just Chatting? Knackering.

Still, I did manage to speak at least one sentence to everyone there, and joined in two different topics of group conversation, so that's something, at least.

And I find interacting with the children perfectly straightforward.

I wish I understood it and could switch it bloody off. It's all a bit Smiths.
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A few minutes ago the doorbell rang and Maria handed me a cup of coffee from the Workhouse Coffee Shop169. She didn't come in as they were on their way to the post office and we are grossly antisocial today, but she is my hero.

I just finished mixing today's bread170 and now I'm sitting here with the coffee, feeling luxurious and liked171.
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We have a DS Lite and three games and we're actually very pleased with it163 in spite of expecting to be somewhat disappointed but find that the kids liked it well enough.

We had a lovely day164.

We had a fairly lovely weekend165.

I'm still too tired for words but if I don't have to leap out of bed in the morning that might help.

I have several emails to respond to.

We have lots of visiting planned, to and fro166.

I must phone someone in the morning to beg for childcare.
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Today I have mostly been feeling ill and really, really tired. Rob and I swapped out about 6 am and I went to sleep and he dealt with Emer, who is also ill and really, really tired. I am staving off a painful sinus infection, I think, and this close to succumbing and buying a Neti pot.

I want to book train tickets but don't trust myself not to be really stupid while this ill.

And both children need their feet remeasured. Again. Maybe tomorrow.


Jan. 18th, 2009 03:08 pm
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Monday we had no-one, which was good, because I was a Bad Person on Monday

Tuesday the cleaning lady came, which is more sociable than it ought to be; I need to figure out how to withdraw from that because the hourly rate is the same whether she's charing or chatting.

Wednesday we had pizza and pyjamas, and that was good.

Thursday Mary came, and then unexpectedly Helen and her children Dylan and Rose, and chaos reigned for quite some time.

Friday the whole BfN class came, so as well as the mothers and non-mothers, we had Linnea and Emer, and L., and D., and C., and G., and a baby whose name I've forgotten. I think that was all. I seem to forget someone every time I tr to remember.

Saturday we had Louis and Pheobe and then in the evening we had grownups too, as well as the Farmer's Market in the morning.

Sunday we went out in the morning and I think we're not seeing anyone this afternoon, but we did - that is, Linnea did - exchange phone numbers with other people, too, so we can arrange playing later.

It could be busier but I might have exploded. Perhaps next week will be easier.
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104In spite of PMS I didn't actually injure anyone. This is a major achievement. I spent yesterday sizzling with rage and today incredibly, mindbogglingly tired. Also, I had to de-weekend the house; it pootles along ok Monday to Friday and by midmorning on Saturday is well on the way to squalor. I'm used to this, but it's hard work. However, 104the cleaning lady came and 105I've had a lot of junk food.

To improve our cashflow I need to move the account the child tax credit and child benefit gets paid into. So I need to find bits of paper and phone the guvmint.

106I've been reading The Audacity of Hope and mainly enjoying it, though I'm a bit surprised to see that Obama's not wholly opposed to the death penalty. He does at least say it's not an effective deterrent. Sadly, it's a book which takes more brain than anything else I'm reading so I'm working through it very slowly, but I'm kind of grateful it takes brain.

107The toilet did not get blocked at all today even though Linnea saw fit to play with loo roll again. The damn stuff unwinds so temptingly.

108I managed to stay technically awake until Rob got home, though I couldn't stay upright. Then I passed out for over an hour and woke feeling exhausted.

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