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Jun. 15th, 2005 10:56 pm
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very unwell it
was a relief he soothed
linnea fed her grapes

laugh if you want to
be fairly healthy though i
have worried about

am a militant
breastfeeder recently which
i found surprising

a nightmare scene of
hooliganism thuggery
violence and beery

a fairly adult
conversation the friend left
and we are packing

some of them won't be
able to look at kitchens
there was the smallest

it wasn't actually
there any more like me and rob
she is she joking

know that this is where
i accidentally bought
linnea a spinning
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This was also done on 29 Oct 2003, 19 Oct 2002, and 17 Oct 2001.

  • 5 minutes ago I emailed the people at Snugglytots to thank them for the gorgeous "Cositoes" I got for Linnea - a kind of sleeping bag affair that goes over her feet in the buggy, rendering socks unnecessary and protecting me from the sharp tongues of random strangers who think they need to remind me that she has no socks and I am a bad mother. This one is gorgeous - yellow lining and red bubbly outer, all snuggly and fleecy. And she has a matching hat, becaues I am, as I may have previously mentioned, pathetic. At least she's easy to spot.
  • 5 hours ago I was sorting through books and paperwork. I sorted out 4 years' worth of grocery orders and bills, and as a result got rid of a stack of paper an inch thick. Rob helped me sort out what we order in bulk and how often so now we can budget for that. We also got rid of 22 books (only 5 of which we sold, but we gained much space).
  • 5 days ago I saw a GP and got real pain relief for the first time in months, lifting a weight off my mind and my nerves. I immediately started running errands and achiving housework, though whether the extra energy was due to pain relief or anxiety relief I couldn't say.
  • 5 weeks ago we had just come back from Round One of travelling, and were about to leave for Sweden. We were experimenting with giving Linnea little tastes of various solid foods - banana and potato were about all we'd tried, I think. She only had one tooth, too.
  • 5 months ago I was in hospital. Linnea was two days old, and her paternal grandparents came to visit, bringing flowers and many gifts. Rob had helped me have a shower that morning, and my mother had brushed my hair, and the catheter had been taken away, and I felt a lot better. I was still in a lot of pain - at one point we sent Rob's parents away so that I could be in pain in private - but I felt pretty good.
  • 5 years ago Rob and I were living in Wapping, had been together as a couple about 6 months, and my job was in IT and moderately stressful (well, of course it was! It was an office job!).

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I also did this on 19 October 2002, and on 17 October 2001.

What I was doing. . .

  • 5 minutes ago: Responding to a post by Dr Rivka, and thinking about what to eat for dinner
  • 5 hours ago: Wandering around town buying sweets for trick-or-treaters, looking at pine furniture, and talking to Mike - Oh, and waiting to meet my friend Ellie.
  • 5 days ago: It was a Saturday - I baked a cake, and went to Uitlander's birthday party.
  • 5 weeks ago: I was waiting to tell my mother and parents-in-law that I'm pregnant (I was about 10 weeks pregnant then, and was waiting for 12). I was beginning to feel a lot better, and had not only begun to eat again, but had started cooking. My clothes were beginning to be too tight.
  • 5 months ago: I had just stopped working all day in a job I hated which sapped my life-energy and made me ill. I was signed off sick for my notice period, but worked from home some days anyway. I was planning my wedding. I was trying to hand in assignments for my Open University course, but wasn't actually well enough to do them properly - I did them well enough to pass, though. Sometimes, I made lunch for myself and Rob in the back garden, and we ate in the sunshine, which was great. I did a lot of pre-wedding introspection, which was variously useful.
  • 5 years ago: I had moved to England (after breaking up with my boyfriend in a miserable and traumatic way for both of us) and was, in October, on the verge of officially becoming Rob's flatmate. I was going out with someone else, though, and I think he was too - I don't know when they actually broke up; the break-up wasn't finalised until after I moved in, I know that. It was all very nasty and upsetting. But I had a decent job which was moderately interesting (partially because I got several sets of conflicting instructions a day, but at least they were interesting conflicting instructions) and was beginning to find out what this internet thing was and how a webpage worked. It was around this time I found out what HTML was and started my first website, which mainly consisted of journal-type things; I didn't start an online journal per se until the 10th of March 1999. I also went home for my 20th birthday around this time; it was already too late to book cheap tickets to go home for Christmas. That Christmas was possibly the best one in my life; Rob and I spent it together, as flatmates whose families were elsewhere, and we had a great time. I should write properly about it someday. 1998 was a very, very busy year. Oh - that was the year I met Simon Barrett, and all the afp people!

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As seen here, a year ago.

What I was doing...

  • 5 minutes ago: going to the bathroom.
  • 5 hours ago: drifting back to sleep after the alarm, which wasn't unset yesterday.
  • 5 days ago: Working. Looking forward to a dance class.
  • 5 weeks ago: Seeing two plays (one in the cinema). Realising that SAD is going to hit me soon.
  • 5 years ago: Lending my (now ex-)boyfriend money with which to buy my birthday present. Working in a job I was good at but hated, and which made me sick. Spending a lot of time not very happy.

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I scored 3 on the pervertedlogic.com CyberWhore Poll!

My heavens! You're an ONLINE NUN!

Are you sure you have ever actually BEEN online? That's not a TV you're sitting in front of, you know. How you have managed to avoid sex on the internet for so long makes you one for the record books. You're having your slutty sister fill this quiz in for you, aren't you? No wonder you list Vatican City as your profile location.
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I AM 51% GOTH.

Oh My Goth! You Goth, Girl. There is a good chance I am bi. Freakiness pumps through my viens, but I can still laugh at myself. I AM 39% GEEK.

I probably work in computers, or a history deptartment at a college. I never really fit in with the "normal" crowd. But I have friends, and this is a good thing.

I AM 22% PUNK.

Well, I may know what punk is, but... Okay maybe some people think I am punk, but is that enough? Nope.

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What was I doing...

  • 5 minutes ago: Playing with my LJ pictures
  • 5 hours ago: Finishing breakfast and trying not to fall asleep or be eatne by the kitten
  • 5 days ago: Er. Thinking about words, and reading news.
  • 5 weeks ago: Worrying about impending war, and my sister's wedding.
  • 5 months ago: Unpacking in our new house and buying kitchen chairs. Admiring my rust-orange library.
  • 5 years ago: Trying desperately to find a way to support myself.
    Having my boyfriend move in with me (That was 5 years less 8 days ago today) and spend nine weeks unemployed.
    Turning 18 and getting the only television I've ever owned, which I then sold to the boyfriend.
    Learning to drink neat whiskey without getting drunk as part of a friend's semi-religious ceremonies.
    Dealing with my head, which was horrible.
    Learning to love my mother, which was wonderful, and making her miserable, which was horrible.

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1. Open up your CD player, what's inside?
Nothing. We rarely use our CD player - we play CDs in our DVD player, but mostly we listen to .oggs on our respective computers.

2. Look in your VCR/DVD player, is there a movie?
VCR: Empty, because we put away the Babylon 5 tapes we watched last night.
DVD player: CD - the soundtrack to Shrek

3. If there happens to be music playing right now, what is it?
Beethoven on the computer: Cleveland Orchestra - George Szell - III. Adagio molto e cantabile; Andante moderato

4. What are you wearing?
Black lycra-mix leggings, black cotton-mix sweater, maroon DMs, glasses, and a red crocheted hairthing.

5. Look down, what's the first thing that catches your eye?
The chipping black and pink nailvarnish on my left thumbnail.

6. Turn on your TV if it's not on already, what network is on?
It always switches on to BBC1

7. Look out the window, what's the weather like?
Dark and wet. It's been raining all day.

8. If you were to hit redial on your phone right now, where would it call?
1471 to find out who called me earlier today and only let the phone ring once. (The caller withheld their number).

9. Say "hello?" out loud, did anyone answer?
No, unless you count the vacuum cleaner humming loudly.

10. What are you planning on doing next as soon as you get offline?
Eating. I forgot to have lunch.
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Well, I've been messing about, and I thought it'd be amusing to make a virtual
model. This is all [livejournal.com profile] mactavish's fault, by the way. Also, it's the
first journal entry that hasn't been share don my main site journal, because,
frankly, most people who read that wouldn't be interested.

The pictures are here... )

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