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I lost the baby kitten cat!

Le'ss welcome him.

Where Peebe's parents?

I can't reach my torch. My torch! My torch! Here's my torch. I carry my torch, on my arm.

I take kisses from you! I give you a kiss on you shoulder. You're welcome!

Here's the hoover bit on the rocking horse. Want my hoovering on the fwoor.

Shoe fitter: Where are your toes?
Astrid: Hiding in my whoes and whocks!

What that say?

One two one two five fwee.

HERE a bushpan and bush!

No you don't!

I don't want short twousers, I want LONGA ones.

I not like the loud noise. I cied. Emer eyes wet.
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And a couple of days. And she's magnificent. She has just this past week or so come over all sociable and outward-looking; she goes to other people and climbs on them, asks them for things, makes them read her books. She wants our friends to open her jacket, give her crisps, or dress her dolly. She likes to sit on people's laps and cuddle them.

She kisses, a lot. Her kisses are very accomplished; they are neat, carefully placed, slightly moist, and accompanied by a little crisp "mwah" sound. She likes to put one on one cheek, grab my chin or ear to turn my head HARD, and then kiss the other cheek.

She talks, but other people don't understand her unless they know her. "Ba" means lap. "O" (sometimes "ho") means hot. "Bye-bye" is very clear. "Uz" is other. "Nyang nyang" is milk. "Yay-ya" is Linnea. "A-wa" is Ailbhe. "Eee" is Emer. "Dadada ad adda" and similar is Daddy. "Nana" is Nana, or Lucy or Mary or other adult she knows and wants us to summon. "Dada" is man. "Boo" is book. "Zhezh" is stairs, and "jeh" is chair, and telling the difference is tough. "No" is no. NO. No no no. "Na" is nah, which is a less emphatic no. "Na-na" is banana. "Bow" is bowl, plate, cup. "Ni" is knife. "Fu" is fork and spoon. "Baw" is ball. "Dough" is doll. "Ma" is nappy, or sometimes bottom. "Ba" is bath. "I" is high, or up. "Be" is bed. "Daw" is door and "Behh" is bear, though English people seem to find nothing amiss with her pronunciation of either, so perhaps it's just accent. "Uss" is puss, cat. "Gah" is scarf, and "A" is hat. "Oosh" is shoe(s). There may be others, but I haven't been taking notes this time around and it's hard to remember.

She can walk from our house to the town centre, which is about a mile ish. She can push a chair over and climb onto it and thence somewhere higher. She can almost open doors with a level handle. She likes zips and is frustrated by buttons and poppers. Mirrors are brilliant and she knows it's her in there and likes to make jokes about it. She loves jokes, though so far they're a lot more like practical jokes or cruel pranks, really. She is very gentle with the cats when she remembers.

Books and dolls and buggies are her favourite thing. She loves going out, especially walking. She has about a million favourite people and thinks people are just going to love her because that's what people do, and so far she's right. She likes going to bed for milk, and loves baths, and adores her sisters, who adore her.

We are deliriously happy.
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She's awesome. She's so easy and happy and growing. She laughs - so far only for me, really, which is flattering but kind of sad for Rob. She doesn't much like a sling or carrier. She sleeps - from midnight to 7am she really only wakes 3 times, maybe 4, and only enough to eat - I hardly notice her wakings. Then she wakes for a BIG feed and goes back to sleep; so do I, fairly often, depending on whether I need a shower, whether she needs a shower, and what the big girls are up to.

She's as long as she is and weighs whatever it is that she weighs. She's had one lot of vaccinations and is due more when we get back from Ireland. She's teething, though so far it's unproductive.

She grins the hugest gummy grins of love and glee and blissfulness, especially when something awesome happens like she wakes up and sees me, or hears Rob's voice, or one of her sisters walks by, or something.

She can grab Rob's beard and pull.

When she's dirty I shower her in with me. She loves this, except for the part where the shower ends.

When she's clean I eat her all up om nom nom.

It's not much of a developmental update, but it covers all the major points!
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3 years 2 months
15kg approx, 90 cm high
Shoe size: 7F
Very long )
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5 years 6 months (almost)
21kg approx, 112 cm high
Shoe size: 11.5H
Very long )
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Several people have posted these to my friends list in the past 24 hours. I've not done many of them but I had a go today. It was difficult for me because I really don't think this way about them any more; I can remember doing it when Linnea was little and astonishing everyone by crawling and walking and so on far younger than was reasonable, but I stopped sometime.

Anyway, I'm doing them as separate posts, partially because they are incredibly long and partially because I find it interesting to look at the two documents side by side. So that's what's coming up next.
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No fink zho
Not fink dough
No hink dough DAD

... "I don't think so," meaning "No, donwanna."

I love Emer's language development.


Jan. 19th, 2009 08:59 pm
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Emer, cutting paper with scissors, stops, picks a scrap of paper up.

A hi- a hi- a hi- a hi- a hiangle.

Dat, a hiangle.
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Linnea at 3y 8m
Height: 100-102 cm
Shoe size: outgrowing 9.5F Clarks (Clarks rarely fit her)
Weight: About 17kg (37lb 8oz ish) but that's a very very rough measurement. It puts her in the same centil eas her height so it's probably ok.

Emer at 1y 5m
Height: 74-76 cm exactly and approximately - I might ask someone else to help next time.
Shoe size: outgrowing 4H Clarks
Weight: 10.220 kg (22 lb 9oz ish)
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Offlinitude suits me.

For those who wondered, the actual poem goes

"Here comes the kangaroo,
Bouncing through the treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!
Up and down and all around,
That's the way to beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Our four nights camping went well. We were on the Peak District, so we're all beautifully windtanned and Emer looks startlingly blonde against her darker skin. She also came home and started really walking, feet at a time, even when she knows she's doing it. It's still slower than crawling but obviously superior for some purposes.

Linnea spotted one-teen today, in the middle of a phone number.

I'm reading the new Jasper Fforde; I need to note the bookcrossing books I collected recently with no intention of passing them on to anyone; they include a hardback "All Quiet on the Western Front" which is sturdy enough that I was able to cry on it; my paperback - well, paperfront and half the spine - is so fragile that I haven't been able to so much as sniff loudly near it for years.

I have a lot of photos to post, but I need to upload them first. They include: the little house in the garden, in various stages of decor; Emer's birthday; camping with my magnificent daughters; the sky outside my house.

And a few of me in my new, hip, groovy incarnation. I want to do things with henna now; I suspect I ought to get one of my teenage friends to help me, though, since teenage girls have grooming and coolness skills I lack.

And sometime soonish I may catch up on email, but I haven't so much as checked it for a week, so there you go.

I love living la vie de local.
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Almost over: How?

Now showing: Why?

Also, she's wrestling with "zero, that is nothing," now. Her favourite number is 22, because it's where Alison lives and it has TWO 2s in it, and 2 is her other favourite number.

She's so affectionate I could burst.

She really really wants help with numbers now. She wants to be able to read, write, talk and manipulate them. I'm not sure how best to help, as I don't want to discourage her, and the temptation to hot-house is very strong. We do number-spotting in the street, and stuff.

The little house in the garden has a number 2 on it.

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