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Last seen in about 2009, and still with several of the same items on, here is the list for Wednesday 3 August 2011.

Feed everyone three meals
Give Linnea four doses of antibiotics
Check library cards and assemble books to return
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To do

Jan. 1st, 2011 12:17 pm
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Wash and put away crystal wineglasses, EPNS cutlery, etc.
Make meal plan for the next 8 days
Make shopping list
Buy birthday presents
Help Rob make Linnea's bedside shelf
Pay credit card bill
Remind Rob to glue polystyrene to the back of the loft hatch
Find next size up nappies and wraps in the attic

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To do list

May. 5th, 2009 11:20 am
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Buy groceries
Do a ton of laundry
Clean the house

Sort out Breastfeeding Awareness Week party

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To do list

May. 4th, 2009 07:33 pm
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Sort dry laundry
Plan order of business for dirty bedding (2 single beds, 1 double, 1 king)
Menu-plan for one week

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We have to leave at 11 am for lunch with friends on the other side of town. I'm dressed, the children are not. So far I have:

- Offered everyone breakfast (refused).

- Tidied the front room and swept it.

- Half-tidied the front hallway.

- Half-swept the dining room floor.

Clearly I need to get organised.

Need oomph

Sep. 9th, 2007 07:01 pm
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I have posts to make about post-natal depression, the post-natal experience in general, the recently-suggested 200 quid for pregnant women who agree to speak to a dietician, the child trust fund money, mortgages, breastfeeding support groups, organic food cooperatives, and other stuff.

But no oomph.
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The Workhouse Cafe, rapidly becoming a centre of my community, is also involved in a new, free newsletter, first issue yet to be, er, issued. They want anything and everything - writing, artwork, found or created, anything.

So what three things should I send them? Links to your choice of my work in the comments please and we'll see where it ends up.

I really must learn to take self-portraits. Meanwhile, time to recharge the camera.
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We were up at 6 this morning, but we all felt reasonably well-rested so that's ok. Emer's just gone down for a nap so I have a chancec to update.

The morning went very well. I breakfasted moderately on pancakes and mandarin oranges. I think the great eatathon may be over. I got washed, dressed, washed the girls' faces, assembled and put on a load of laundry, and hung another load outside.

That meant going into the bakc garden.

The back garden is a disaster. Does anyone remember the storms, while I was away in Ireland? Two panels of our fence were torn down, the fenceposts and concrete bases uprooted, and the whole shebang spread over the garden. The garden shed looks a little lopsided, too. There's other debris scattered around. I was just about able to hang the laundry but there's no way Linnea coul safely go out there, let alone play.

So my new highest priority major task is to clear the garden. I can't lift the fence pieces, so Rob will have to do that, but I can work out where they're going and how. It's possible that we can break them up and send them to landfill. We have nowhere to store them while we work out more useful ways to use the waterlogged, fragile timber. If we are sending them to landfill it will probably take two weeks' worth of collections. Tomorrow's collection is recycling only, so landfill isn't until next week.

But the weather is glorious and I really could hang all my laundry outdoors if only I could get into the garden! As it is there's a load of sheets in the machine which will have to be hung indoors only because I can't reach enough of the washing line.

I've no help today. Tomorrow is fine. Friday is looking empty. Among other things, I have some Mother's Day gifts to buy; if anyone owes mothers this year it's us!
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The new double buggy is lovely; it's easy to push, easy to steer, has plenty of space for both children and all their bits and bobs, great raincover which is easy to get on and off, and it only just barely maye possibly scrapes into the house and sits in the hall with no room at all to spare.

So we've been trying to reduce the amount of airspace taken up at buggy-height by other hall-dwelling things, so that it can be steered into the house by a comparative expert (me) even if rank amateurs (Rob) still struggle and bash and swear and wake the baby (he doesn't swear, actually).

All the coats not in current use are upstairs. The shoe-stacker-hangy-thing we've been using for hats, scarves, gloves, Linnea's shoes, bike paraphernalia, umbrellas, etc, has been emptied - the clothing is all in a string bag (which hangs higher than the stacker) and Rob has moved mountains piles of filing, records, DVDs, videos, photo albums, and comic books to enable us to store shoes in a floor-level shelf which is practically in the hall, since it's right beside the library door. The nice thing about this is that it's big enough for mine and Rob's shoes too, so they won't be tripping anyone up any more.

Now there's the issue of emptying and folding the buggy, which I must get into the habit of doing every single night, but it's so tedious. I'd rather spend my evenings and mornings climbing over it to get from one part of the hall to another. Nyargh.
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Bears on tv
Housework fairies

To do

Sep. 17th, 2006 02:55 pm
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  • Launder Emer's playmat thing with arches for dangly toys

  • Find dangly toys

  • Make doctor's appointment for Rob (back)

  • Make doctor's appointment for me and Emer (6 weeks postnatal)

  • Call midwife to tell her we did photocopy the medical notes and she can have them, also she can bring me some aromatherapy stuff to look at

  • Take vitamin pills

  • Get Rob to vacuum entire house, starting with upstairs. I can't sneeze as much as I am.

  • Change sheets on two beds

  • Get Rob to take spare room duvet to laundrette

  • Investigate cost of cork tiling vs laminate flooring instead of carpets downstairs, or at least in dining room

  • Order more copies of "When baby runs" because I've sold out and don't have one for myself.


Jun. 3rd, 2004 09:30 am
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Of course, none of that includes feeding Linnea, burping Linnea, changing Linnea, playing with Linnea, and sitting around holding her, bouncing her, singing to her, and wondering desperately how to accelerate her digestive processes so that they at least don't hurt for quite as long, even if they still hurt. It's hard work, being almost 5 weeks old. (Five weeks tomorrow! She's growing up! I feel like it's rushing past far too fast; perhaps I should take more photos).

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