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Emer and I woke about six and drifted back to sleep again, and then woke again about eight when Rob left. We played in bed for an hour, tickling and bouncing and counting toes and talking about breakfast ("A big bowl of elephants? Airplanes on toast?" "No, a raaaahhhhh!" "Giraffe?""No, a yion, raaahhhh!" "OH - LIONS for breakfast! yum!") and then I had m antibiotics and my painkillers and my coffee and we went to wake Linnea; Emer and I sat on Emer's bed and hid under a red blanket until Linnea was overcome by curiosity at the giggling.

I stripped Linnea's bed and stuck the bits in the washing machine, and gave them breakfast - muesli for Linnea and noodles for Emer, no idea why but there you go, she did try to eat them crunchy but opted for soaking them after all. The dishwasher is loaded and going. The children are washed around the edges.

It has been a peaceful, friendly morning. And now I'm going to spoil it all by saying something stupid like "Let's go out."

But we do need to buy them sandals - we have sandals a size too small and a size too large for both of them - so that might help. Both children like the wrong-size ones enough to insist that they fit :(


Mar. 18th, 2009 08:53 pm
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I stood on the doorstep and the children were halfway down the street, just within earshot. Emer was looking at Linnea's scooter, which has flowers and a logo.

"Dat my name," she said.

"No," said Linnea, "those letters aren't in your name. Look, Ill show you one that's in your name."

I asked her what she shower her, later, and she held out one finger on her left hand, and put three fingers of her right hand against it, to make an E.

I asked Emer to pick some books up.

"I tan't," she said, "oney scissors."

She thought about it for a while, then used her fingers like tongs, and picked the books up without cutting them. But both hands were scissors, not hands - that was very clear.
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Emer: It not a horse any more, it a bikle.
Ailbhe: A bicycle?
Emer: Me high-cle my bike on it.
Ailbhe: Oh, ok.
Emer: Me high-cle in the garden on my bike.
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It's spring!201

(Linnea: "Will it still be spring tomorrow?"
Ailbhe: "I hope so.")

I had fever dreams and couldn't wake up but we left for the farmer's market about tennish anyway. We had a lovely walk there because the weather is gorgeous202 and then we ate sausage-inna-bun and bought food. I was served by a girl possibly in her earliest teens. I do like seeing children doing appropriate work like that203.

When we got home my clothes from Nomad had arrived and they all fit204, so I will be wearing them soon. We're also trying to work through a lot of laundry today, while the weather is good. And Rob has started emptying the shed; we hope to get rid of it and use the space for something large enough to store bikes in, ours and the kids', and maybe even the kids' scooters and outdoor toys like the seesaw and trampoline and so on. This means we want something with a larger footprint but a lower top, I think.

I talked to the cake lady about possibly buying Linnea a birthday cake this year205. If it's too expensive I'll make one myself. But I'd like her to have a nice one that didn't mean I ended up hating my lack of skill. It's the icing I find so hard - the art part, not the taste part of the cake.

I'm seriously considering throwing a Mother's Day party this year. We don't usually do anything at all, and I like parties, and we know a lot of people who either are or have mothers, so that's appropriate, right?
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Ailbhe (in agony): OH GAWD
Emer: Huh?
Ailbhe: My tummy hurts.
Emer: Huh?
Ailbhe: I have a pain.
Emer (beaming): Oh! Tea 'ill may doo otay.
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Ailbhe: [makes exaggerated P lip-pursing face]
Emer: Bees mammy ice caaaaaaake.
Ailbhe: [Grins, takes packets, starts pulling at the plastic near the easy-open (ha ha) red plastic string bit]
Emer: Oh dee-a, bit duck.
Ailbhe: Yes, it is a bit stuck.
Emer: Maybe Daddy?
Ailbhe: Daddy's a bit busy now.
Emer: Oh. Yay-ya?
Ailbhe: Linnea's busy too.
Emer: Oh dee-a. Maybe zhoo?
Ailbhe: Yes, maybe me. [plastic pops undone, packaging unravels, rice cakes cartwheels across the table]
Emer: Dag oo.
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Ailbhe says "Emer, if you put on a nappy and get dressed you can go to the shop with Daddy to buy chocolate."
Emer says "No."
Ailbhe says "No?"
Emer says "No. Buy hawwot."
Ailbhe says "Buy a carrot instead of chocolate?"
Emer says "LOTS a dem."
Rob says "Lots of carrots?"
Emer says "A daytos too."
Ailbhe and Rob giggle madly.


Jan. 19th, 2009 08:59 pm
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Emer, cutting paper with scissors, stops, picks a scrap of paper up.

A hi- a hi- a hi- a hi- a hiangle.

Dat, a hiangle.

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