Mar. 1st, 2009 05:46 pm
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I spent about 10am to 4 pm doing a training session on Listening Skills. It was extremely tiring, and I found the taped assignment very stressful - it's a roleplay thing, where someone phones you up looking for breastfeeding support, and you have to support her. I find acting very stressful, and recording my own voice more stressful than phonecalls, which are pretty stressful, and also it's a necessary part of my qualification and one of my supervisors had to do hers five times before she passed so I might have to do it again.

So it was very very very good to do the training and very very very tiring. Training has always been more tiring than actually doing the job, whatever the job is, in my experience, so that's ok, really.

The specifics, as always with breastfeeding stuff, are confidential.

And someone who was driving to the station anyway gave me a lift back.


Feb. 27th, 2009 08:27 pm
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Tomorrow I get to go to a study day on the other side of town. I'm looking forward to it. I have to leave the house before 08:30 though, which is a bit early for a Saturday morning!

We had another tutorial in my house this week. I'm beginning to understand why venues charge so much for hire. I'd be heating the place anyway, but as an example, this week's two-hour session (which extended to three hours) used up half a pot of liquid soap and half a roll of toilet paper, as well as the children's drinks and snacks and the negligible cost of boiling the kettle for the adults' drinks. I asked the tutor to bring more coffee next time as I'd just resent it if I was buying coffee in specially on top of the rest.

However, we have only four more sessions to go and since they are funding my training I can afford to give a little loo roll and soap! I'll be qualified to volunteer on the phoneline when this course is over, which is great, because it's much easier on my own children than going to the groups, and it involves a lot less housework (at least once the training sessions are done). Though to be fair it's ages since I was the only one cleaning up after the groups; going on strike helped a lot there.

I'm not at all sure I'll ever be able to volunteer on the maternity wards. But that's ok.
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I'll make it if I swear.

Anyway, we stayed up until 1 am cleaning up teeny weeny fragments of broken glass. Naturally the thing smashed in the front room where all the toys and baby stuff is, and what's more, it smashed before we tidied them away, so we hoovered all the toys and blankets and whathaveyou as well as the floor and furnishings. So then Rob was late to work this morning and when I got up I had a mass of clearing to do in the dining room, kitchen and bathroom. I got the bathroom sorted and the children more or less dressed, and a load of laundry hung, and the dishwasher filled, and was partway through clearing the dining room floor when the first BfN person arrived, so she read the kids stories while I cleared the breakfast table and made us a place to work in. Then I checked email and found that no-one else was coming, so we did our thing.

We got one-and-a-bit assignments done174. I think it will be easy enough to finish the second one now it's started. Homework groups are basically about motivating each other to actually start, dammit.

Since hardly anyone came, we opened the pack of luxury choc chip cookies175 that come with nine to a pack; there were three kids and two adults, so it was almost two each.

We've had lunch now and I've put another dishwasher load on, of casseroles and saucepans and things. I have a headache. And I need to do laundry and remake Linnea's bed and finish clearing the kitchen and start prepping dinner, because we have someone else coming at four for an after-school playdate.

Tomorrow, no-one at all is coming176. I think I'm relieved.
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109We had takeaway pizza instead of a nervous breakdown, and later 110I painted lovely faffints. 111Rob baked cakes, muffins and flapjacks.

112We went to BfN and I worked for the whole time. 113Then I baked a cake for Mary and 114she came to visit. 115I cooked lunch for myself and the girls. 116After dinner I had a hot bath, and when it was cooler 117Emer joined me for a play.

118The BfN class came to my house and 119everyone brought treats. 120The children were marvellous.

121We went to the Farmer's Market and in spite of being late we were in time for the girls to have sausages and 122we got plenty of veg of kinds which will last in storage for a couple of weeks. 123We bought Linnea a clock for her bedroom wall. At home, 124we settled almost all of the details of our Great Expedition at Easter. 125We had visitors who brought a funky wooden balancing toy with bricks and a swinging platform and things. 126I had a phonecall with a friend.

127We went to Meeting and the kids had a great time. People were apparently pleased to see us. 128We got a ton of laundry done. 129We chose some more things to get rid of in The Great Decluttering Project (ongoing since approx 2003). 130We got to bed comparatively early.


Jan. 18th, 2009 03:08 pm
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Monday we had no-one, which was good, because I was a Bad Person on Monday

Tuesday the cleaning lady came, which is more sociable than it ought to be; I need to figure out how to withdraw from that because the hourly rate is the same whether she's charing or chatting.

Wednesday we had pizza and pyjamas, and that was good.

Thursday Mary came, and then unexpectedly Helen and her children Dylan and Rose, and chaos reigned for quite some time.

Friday the whole BfN class came, so as well as the mothers and non-mothers, we had Linnea and Emer, and L., and D., and C., and G., and a baby whose name I've forgotten. I think that was all. I seem to forget someone every time I tr to remember.

Saturday we had Louis and Pheobe and then in the evening we had grownups too, as well as the Farmer's Market in the morning.

Sunday we went out in the morning and I think we're not seeing anyone this afternoon, but we did - that is, Linnea did - exchange phone numbers with other people, too, so we can arrange playing later.

It could be busier but I might have exploded. Perhaps next week will be easier.
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The day is long, and the night is full of moans, and when you think you've had enough, hold on. the let themselves go, because everybody cries, and everybody stinks, sometimes. Sometimes everything is pong, now it's time to sing along...

Anyway, between the nappies and the dressing and the wiping and the cleaning, I've washed my hands raw. I've tidied the spare room enough that I can get a few buggies in there, cleared the front hallway, put the rug down in the front room again (it really needs a wash but Rob spot-rinsed it so I'm not washing it again, it's now both damp and dirty and I'll just cover it up with a blankie for babies) and cooked breakfast and put away all Rob's baking from yesterday - banana muffins and flapjacks. I made a madeira cake yesterday too so there's enough to go around.

I have yet to sweep the bathroom, rear hall and kitchen floors, clear the kitchen and dining room, pop out to Lidl and buy fair-trade bananas and maybe some other fruit or veg depending on what's local, cook lunch, sotart dinner (Rob took meat out to defrost), and set up for the arrival of my BfN class.

In my free time, I will drink my second coffee. Rob now makes me two - TWO - thermal mugs of coffee of a morning. Life is good.

And smelly.
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Today started at 4:30 am, when I realised that there were two girls in our bed; Emer woke up, saw Linnea, and decided it was a good time to party. "Yay-ya! Yay-ya!" she cried, and all hope of sleep was lost.
Domestic morning )BfN Anniversary Party )
Ice-lolly/bin tantrum )
Impromptu visits )
Sudden guests - I blame the patriarchy )
Rob is a great cook. )
We had apple and lychee sorbet for dessert, which was lovely. And I ought to be writing up that article on feeding an older baby, and doing my BfN homework for my course; I have another class tomorrow, after Linnea's swimming lesson.
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So my owie arm made me sleep funny, which meant my already painful neck and shoulders are now made of bloody rocks. When I woke this morning I couldn't turn my head; I tried to get Rob to give me a neck rub but he can't tell which parts are muscle, skin, or bone, so that was no good; I tried doing warm-up neck-rolls and stuff and that helped a bit. All day I've been trying to do stretches without hurting myself, and keeping the muscles warm, but man it hurts. I did take ibuprofen before I got out of bed, or rather, as soon as I got out of bed the first time, and that made it possible to sit up and drink coffee, and so on.

BfN went well. This girls were marvellous, the session wasn't too overcrowded, and there was plenty of help. Some women returned slings they had borrowed, and I hardly had to do any cleaning, and I got to talk to the health visitor about some stuff that's been bothering me, and she TOTALLY understood. A well-trained pet health visitor is as useful as a well-trained pet librarian.

My HomeStart volunteer is ill today so we're just at home, vegging out and doing dishes and crayons and stuff. Telly, too. Rob did his basic minimum housework last night (we each have a basic minimum tasklist for every day) and the house is, as a result, far easier to live in than it has been lately. My own basic minimum this morning took far, far less time than usual, in fact. And tomorrow I have no commitments before about noon.

Saturday and Sunday are all booked up; Monday is housework and nursery and doctor horror and lying in bed recovering from that and editing stuff I volunteered to do; Tuesday is BfN stuff and tidying the BfN/Baby Clinic cupboard at the library, and then a co-op meeting in the evening; Wednesday is toddler group and nursery and a child's birthday; Thursday is BfN again; Friday is currently unscheduled, long may that continue; Saturday is two parties; Sunday is unscheduled; Monday is nursery day; Tuesday we fly to Sweden. Augh. Perhaps three sets of volunteering on top of full-time care for two children is a trifle excessive. I shall have to cut back, as soon as there are enough other volunteers to step in... the BfN thing looks hopeful, there are some local people qualifying soon.

Now on to sorting out the rota for that, in fact.

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