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I recently acquired a set of Lilypadz because mere absorbent breastpads cannot possibly hope to cope with my supply. The idea is that these pads actually stop the leaking, rather than merely soaking it up before it reaches the outside of my clothes.

They seem to work so far, though I haven't tried them in the morning when things are soggiest.

The freakish thing is that they work basically by pushing the nipple in and holding it there. Looking down, it looks like I'm wearing some kind of padded bra. I've been smoothed. Sculpted. My clothes look different. It's very disconcerting.

I have a vague feeling that this nippleless look is considered desirable in parts of the US, partially because of the blurb on the box, not quoted here for fear of perpetuating scary anti-nipple rhetoric.

[mildly crossposted]

Ecover :(

Jul. 17th, 2006 12:31 pm
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A while ago I filled in a little form on a website:

I was disappointed to find that Ecover dishwasher tablets are individually plastic-wrapped. I have no local facility to recycle these wrappings. It also appears that Ecover do not sell a dishwashing liquid nor loose powder. Can I mail my little plastic packets back to Ecover for recycling?


Today I received a response:

Thank you for your email. Whilst the PP wrappers are 100% recyclable, unfortunately no local councils to my knowledge, will accept this type of plastic for recycling at present. There are companies that recycle this type of plastic but they will only do so for huge quantities. We need to use a PP wrapper to keep moisture away from the tablets and we are looking at alternative packaging methods that would solve this recycling problem. Unfortunately we do not have the facilities to store plastic that customer send back as we only have a small office in the UK. I’m sorry to have to disappoint you.

Kind regards

So the stuff is recyclable but that makes not a blind bit of difference - it has to go into landfill. Phooey.

(In other news, it is once again Too Darn Hot, and we have a stack of stuff outside the door as well as listed on Freecycle; it WILL go into landfill if it's still here on Wednesday night and I feel terribly, terribly guilty about it. Why the hell do we have so much stuff? Most of it we didn't even buy ourselves!)
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Motherhood brings with it a lot of First Times. The First Time one sees one's baby. The First Time one feeds ones baby. The First Time one changes a nappy. The First Time one cannot console no matter what one does. The First Time one goes to the bathroom unaccompanied. The First Time one has a bath alone with no pee in it.

Today was the First Time I had a Lush bath.

My Lush parcel arrived this morning, and true to the word of several friends, the individual items don't smell as frightening as the shops. This evening, Rob needed to go to a friend's to print off a couple of CVs for his interview tomorrow (wish him luck; he has a new haircut and a clean shirt already) and he took Linnea with him, as these friends are so keen on Linnea we hide her passport.

So I ran a bath and got in and dropped a Butterball Bath Bomb into the hot water. It fizzed. Basically, it's a ball of bicarb and citric acid, and when it gets wet they react and fizz. We used to do something similar with pillboxes, tissue, vinegar and bicarb; sometimes the lid of the box would shoot up over the roof of my mother's house. Cool. In with the bicarb etc, there's some oil and scent. It was basically a fun-to-watch way of getting bath oil into the water. It was pleasant to lie in, very mildly scented, and my skin feels smooth but not greasy. I didn't wash a whole lot since washing bath oils off with soap seems kind of pointless to me.

I have one more bath bomb, and I don't think I'll bother with them any more. I get more pleasure from massaging bath products into my skin, so I'll choose rich soaps and things in future.

Around bedtime, I'm going to try the Temple Balm that's supposed to aid sleep. I could use some nice restful sleep with dreams in which no-one dies or is murdered. It would make a pleasant change. Another dream about a long lie-in would be nice. After waking from that one, I felt as though I'd had ten hours' sleep.

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We have some CDs of nursery rhymes, action rhymes, that sort of thing. About 5 CDs now, I think, all called "My First Action Songs CD" or similar. And they are all.


By a manic depressive adult whose dog has just died, accompanied by a bunch of children who have been told to stand up straight, stop smiling, no giggling, and if you miss a note there's going to be trouble, Mavis, yes, I see you, you were going to have fun, weren't you, well we're not here to have fun, we're here to SING!

God. There has to be a better way. We have a CD of Swedish children singing Christmas songs which sounds like, you know, a bunch of kids singing - it's lovely. But it's all Christmassy and we don't know the actions. Are there any CDs out there with kids singing English or america action songs that sound like they're not at a funeral? Because "One finger on thumb keep moving" to the tune of Faure's "In Paradisum" would be amusing on Radio 4, but it's not great for boogying in the dining room with the baby.

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Some of you may remember that I ordered and received a Mooncup, but then couldn't use it due to the birth injuries. So I decided that rather than waiting for surgery, which after all may not even be successful, I would order some Lunapads. So I did, a while ago, and they arrived after the heaviest days of my period were over, but I started using them anyway - why put any more disposable sanitary towels in landfill than I have to?

My first thought was "I wish these had been around after I had Linnea," because wow I have never used a "sanitary product" so comfortable. Seriously, it's actually pleasant. Not just "the absence of unpleasant", but pleasant. They're soft and slightly fluffy and comfortable. I want pyjamas made in this fabric. It's a shame that underwear made of this would be too warm, because it would be glorious. Mmm. Yes.

They are also very practical, with booster liners held in place with - laugh if you want to - ric-rac braid. I certainly laughed. It's daft. But it's effective. And they have Little Wings! All the best sanitary towels have little wings, after all - these ones popper up under your pants (panties for Americans) and all's well.

I was expecting utilitarian and a little adjusting to a less comfy but more ecofriendly lifestyle. Instead, I'm thrilled.

(And while I'm at it, I love my new post-pregnancy menstrual cycle - predictable almost to the day, and I haven't been disabled by cramping since I had her. Hurrah! Long may it continue!)

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Indesit washer/dryer - it has a faulty heater, so will only do cold washes, or washes with intake from the main hot water supply. The repair would apparently cost about 60 quid for the part, plus labour, but it's possible that someone canny could fix it themselves. The people replacing it will take it away tomorrow afternoon unless you get here first. Please call Rob - direct work number 0870 493 6493. You can't call me, because I'm too ill to talk. This will have to be collected from Reading very very soon. A.

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