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We had a phenomenally stressful morning which pretty much ruined the day. In fact, we're both still exhausted today. However, Rob left for work on time and I got up, dressed, ate, made the bed, sorted nappies, failed entirely to get Emer in the ring sling, and shoved Linnea upstairs brutally after she picked up the blanket Emer was lying on.

Time for nappy changes now.

(LJ Support are still working on my weird usericon problem.)


Jun. 20th, 2005 11:55 pm
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I ought to be in bed, but I'm here drinking port. I have that appointment with the colo-rectal specialist tomorrow, and a bunch of people on livejournal are attacking me for having raised Linnea according to her individual needs rather than according to international childcrea guidelines.

I am trying to stay out of it, since I don't actually need to justify myself to them, and I do know I did the right thing, but it's hard.

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I have put a new style in my Recent Entries page. It doesn't look like much, but it's a lot more lynx-friendly and HTML 4.01 compliant. It's not quite fully compliant, because the LiveJournal-supplied user icons (like this : [ profile] ailbhe ) have an illegal ALIGN attribution, and the mood icons don't have ALT attributions. However. It'll have to do.

Oh, it needs a stylesheet in GLOBAL_HEAD or LASTN_HEAD as well. But I'm an HTML pedant, so I like it.

Coming soon to a friends page near you...

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This time, it's LoserJabber for Debian. I like it. I like the way it can tell me what I'm listening to. But it can't group friends, and the website interface seems not to either. Pooey.
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Finally, I've made myself an honest woman. I paid for this account. It took effort - in the end, I had to boot NT within VMware and use Exploder - but I did it.

So then I uploaded a bunch of pictures and tried to create a style that had some hope of actually being valid HTML. But it didn't work.

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I begin to think that this client is way, way better than the other Perl one. I may even consider modifying it to update both my journals at once. Hmm.

I need a real Perler.

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So here I am, eating lasagne and wondering what to do about this new LiveJournal thing I've got. I already have a journal, so I don't need this one, but [ profile] clairaide wanted me to open an account so my comments wouldn't be anonymous.

Yah. Here I am. The lasagne is pretty good though.

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