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Dec. 4th, 2016 01:00 pm
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  • Sat, 12:39: RT @bristolgreen: University of Bristol Court votes for fossil fuel divestment
  • Sat, 20:03: RT @XplodingUnicorn: 4-year-old: Where do pine cones grow? Me: Pine trees. 4: *eyes light up* What about ice cream cones?
  • Sat, 21:26: RT @justkelly_ok: Holy shit. The actress has been saying for years that she was raped in this scene. Now it's news because the director adm…
  • Sat, 21:37: RT @GreenAlty: If you or somebody you know would be unable to use this footpath, please retweet! #Altrincham
  • Sat, 21:37: RT @GeorgeTakei: Watching people meltdown over a Black Santa in the Mall of America. "Santa is white!" Well, in our internment camp he was…
  • Sat, 23:26: RT @clanwilliam: Cheery thought, right now Victoria Wood is working on her Christmas special. There's an ongoing joke about Prince waiting…
  • Sat, 23:26: RT @clanwilliam: Lemmy's been told he doesn't qualify; Bowie's been told Little Drummer Boy will appeal to Bolton WI. Rickman is sniggering.
  • Sat, 23:48: RT @1KateMcGrath: Yesterday I went to a very special funeral, for marvellous Uncle Jack. Here is the announcement in the paper. Thought you…
  • Sat, 23:52: Ooh YouTube has Victoria Wood Big Fat Documentary. Never saw it before.
  • Sun, 00:12: RT @Cunobaros: Come to think of it, if USA had to elect someone with silly hair and redneck appeal, I wish they had elected Dolly Parton. S…
  • Sun, 00:49: 10yo has almost finished [secret craft project] and has agreed to a new rule of no sewing or knitting after 11pm.
  • Sun, 09:29: RT @SoilAssociation: Healthy soil is vital to combating climate change. Soil holds more carbon than our atmosphere and plants combined! htt…

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