Mar. 21st, 2017

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Mar. 21st, 2017 12:00 pm
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  • Mon, 12:00: RT @pointlesslettrs: CONTROVERSY: On the same day as the UK Negotiating Team is unveiled, newspapers leak the first draft of the British ne…
  • Mon, 12:01: RT @MortuaryReport: disabled humans do not get enough credit for the problem-solving we do every day to survive in an ableist environment
  • Mon, 12:01: RT @Lizbeth_City: @MortuaryReport I really feel I should be able to put it on my resume.
  • Mon, 12:09: RT @matthaig1: It's very hard to tell these days where your anxiety disorder ends and where actual news begins.
  • Mon, 13:29: RT @Lizbeth_City: TW: Ableism Living "independently" isn't something ANY human does. We all need other people.
  • Mon, 13:43: RT @Lizbeth_City: Just bc a powerchair user thinks a ramp is fine doesn't make it fine.
  • Mon, 14:00: The small rain down doth rain but the large rain raineth back up again from force of impact. Crikey.
  • Mon, 14:28: I've been up since just before 7 and only just got back into bed. That's quite a long day for me.
  • Mon, 14:45: RT @Joannechocolat: 1. A great deal of sneering rubbish is written about genre fiction, mostly by people who don't read it. #TenThingsAbout
  • Mon, 14:45: RT @Joannechocolat: 2. The truth is that genre readers are often passionate & knowledgeable, which makes them difficult to impress. #TenThi
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