Jan. 29th, 2017

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Jan. 29th, 2017 12:00 pm
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  • Sat, 12:09: RT @Limerick1914: This is what Ireland did before, during and after the Holocaust. It was anti-semitism then and it's islamophobia now. htt…
  • Sat, 13:36: RT @olenskae: New estate agents is offering £50 if we let them put a 'FOR SALE' sign outside our home. I hate London. https://t.co/pa6k6sXk
  • Sat, 13:43: RT @natalieben: "US officials deciding whether green-card holders could re-enter US by asking individuals about political views" https://t.…
  • Sat, 13:44: RT @alexhaagaard: Breaking: NTs so bad at Theory of Mind they have to put weird shit in their mouths to understand autistic folx. https://t…
  • Sat, 14:23: RT @Stl_Manifest: My name is Werner Stein. The US turned me away at the border in 1939. I was murdered in Auschwitz https://t.co/nCgt9V33xm
  • Sat, 14:30: RT @jonathanwatts: Love this illustration of how forests prevents floods. https://t.co/ioaniQFHGI
  • Sat, 14:30: RT @mrjamesmack: One of the Iraqis who was stopped at JFK had been living in Sweden, got permission to reunite with his family in America.
  • Sat, 14:30: RT @mrjamesmack: He got stopped, denied legal access, and they're sending him back to Iraq, not Sweden.
  • Sat, 14:31: RT @mrjamesmack: He'd worked for the US in Iraq for ten years (which is presumably why it's not safe for him there).
  • Sat, 14:32: Pilots are going to have to make unscheduled landings in safe countries to avoid fatal repatriation of passengers.
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