Jan. 7th, 2017

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Jan. 7th, 2017 12:00 pm
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  • Fri, 13:37: RT @LukeEdeNoronha: So where is the @guardian article on my man? The end of birthright citizenship in 1981 was about race, and the conseque…
  • Fri, 13:47: RT @A_BoxOfRain: Brexit: Dutch woman who was told to leave UK now allowed to stay << No such relief for those from outside the EU ... https…
  • Fri, 18:23: *applause* https://t.co/FXpcIvXp9X
  • Fri, 18:31: RT @applewriter: Step 1: Get blocked by LGBT org for calling out their racism Step 2: Same org asks if I can perform at their event Step 3:…
  • Fri, 18:33: @chiller Thought someone should remember to tell you you're marvellous
  • Fri, 18:36: RT @scalzi: i.e., "If you're ever mean to us we'll be happy to doxx you and put your deets out there so adolescent shitlords can swat you f…
  • Fri, 20:35: RT @EmilyGorcenski: Wikileaks: "We're gonna make a network diagram of people and relationships" Polyamorous tech folks: "k. luck w/that."
  • Fri, 22:02: Watching the Christmas "Call the Midwife" and finding the set up quite funny. Whoops everyone has to go to South Africa what.
  • Fri, 23:11: RT @scalzi: Apparently Carrie Fisher was cremated and put into an urn in the shape of a giant Prozac pill and once again I'm reminded she's…
  • Fri, 23:19: RT @BritishRedCross: We have been called in to support the NHS and help get people home from hospital and free up much needed beds. https:/…
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