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Mar. 7th, 2017 12:00 pm
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  • Tue, 02:29: In the past hour, only two of the words my 6yo said in her sleep were distinct. She has perfect enunciation for "Pokemon" and "Television."
  • Tue, 08:07: RT @A_BoxOfRain: UN experts denounce 'myth' pesticides are necessary to feed the world
  • Tue, 08:13: RT @havi: Thread to think about
  • Tue, 08:44: RT @dubsteppenwolf: SOME GUY: work adds value and dignity to our lives EXACT SAME GUY, 10 MINUTES LATER: everyone will stop working if the…
  • Tue, 08:50: RT @Joannechocolat: So, thanks to Teresa May, Grammar Schools and Secondary Moderns are back. Universities, watch yourselves: Polytechnics…
  • Tue, 08:52: RT @veronikellymars: A Cleveland bookstore turns all of the books written by male authors backwards to illustrate the lit. gender gap: http…
  • Tue, 09:02: RT @MentalHealthCop: Reported missing with mental health problems - 67,000 calls a year 180 a day 8 an hour *1 call every 7.5 minutes* h…
  • Tue, 09:03: RT @mrdavidwhitley: Following the return of grammar schools, I look forward to special hospitals catering only to the most healthy.
  • Tue, 09:03: RT @mrdavidwhitley: These hospitals should be given extra funding, and will naturally attract the NHS' best doctors.
  • Tue, 09:14: RT @MichaelRosenYes: Social mobility fallacy: rich people will move down to make room for poor people moving up. #duh

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