Jan. 23rd, 2017

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Jan. 23rd, 2017 12:00 pm
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  • Sun, 12:12: RT @andizeisler: One thing I gotta say: I keep seeing white women mentioning how nice and awesome and cool the cops were at marches. Consid…
  • Sun, 12:14: RT @foxmaxfox: Okay this is a note posted at my grandma's retirement community, apparently 50 people came and her 101 y/o friend marched to…
  • Sun, 12:14: RT @foxmaxfox: While I've got you all here, this is what D.C. cops did to a different elder yesterday https://t.co/ShlJici1ln
  • Sun, 12:34: RT @FrankSunTimes: ST News: Council says “100%” of sandwich boards on footpaths and roads in the Dublin jurisdiction are “unauthorised, and…
  • Sun, 12:34: RT @kristinrawls: Think about how easy it was to broadcast the mass protests today. And think about the fact that Trump has hired a net neu…
  • Sun, 12:34: RT @kristinrawls: We shouldn't take these things for granted. He's going after net neutrality for a reason. It will not always be so easy t…
  • Sun, 12:40: Having found, not brought, his placard makes it even better. https://t.co/OIpvEPLWdJ
  • Sun, 12:48: RT @quakerpen: Don't be docile in the face of those who lie about lying. Few ppl vote for being lied to. It's going to be a struggle, but i…
  • Sun, 12:49: RT @saladinahmed: Man: -eats live puppy- Woman: WHAT THE HELL WHAT THE FUCK YOU JUST ATE A PUPPY Man: stop complaining in saudi arabia th…
  • Sun, 12:58: RT @frankieboyle: Men threatened by the mere sight of women walking are weak, inadequate, pathetic, dangerous as hell, and in Britain they…
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