Jan. 2nd, 2017

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Jan. 2nd, 2017 01:00 pm
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  • Sun, 16:02: RT @solomongeorgio: Bush was so bad, we got to elect our 1st black president. After Trump, our president will be a 50 ft tall militant femi…
  • Sun, 16:05: RT @niamhsquared: Using the current system, it will take 150 years to process the permanent residency claims of EU citizens in the UK. http…
  • Sun, 16:05: RT @twoscooters: 17. Female friendships are like unionizing. If u think u won’t get along with women, the world’s trying to keep you from r…
  • Sun, 16:06: I've just remembered a dream I had last night about being in a BNP anti-union march/club. That was no fun.
  • Sun, 18:12: RT @andrearitsu: It's still 2016 in two time zones, and yet it's already Jan 2nd in two others. Time zones are amazing and fucked.
  • Sun, 19:15: RT @samirasawlani: Dear @AFP 'suicide bomber aged 10 blew herself up' No. 'In an attack in Maduguri, Nigeria today, a 10yr old child was us…
  • Sun, 20:42: RT @McKelvie: Happy 1 year anniversary to the most iconic NYE photo of all time (credit: Joel Goodman) https://t.co/dnQDiliGqN
  • Sun, 21:28: RT @monstrousfemme: Britain First refuse to eat anything labelled halal, eh? *takes a sharpie to the supermarket*
  • Sun, 23:25: RT @sarahkendzior: People truly don't seem to grasp this. There are no checks and balances unless enforced. The Constitution is a piece of…
  • Sun, 23:26: RT @guardiannews: One in four UK babies miss out on health visitor checks https://t.co/Jyb73aMdpv
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