Jun. 8th, 2006

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Drop, baby, drop, baby, drop, drop, drop
There's no room for breakfast on the top, top, top
Rennies, Rennies, Rennies on the acid coming up
So drop, baby, drop, baby, drop, drop, drop!
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Linnea is reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar to herself, aloud. She's just confused herself with the repetition of "and then he ate [number] apples" etc. So we got "And then he eight nine sausages, STILL HUNGY!"

You will all be glad to hear that he "Not hungy anymore, big caterpillar, BOOTful butterfly, anymore, ahhhhhhh."
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Mothercare survey: "Question 8: Type below the occupation of the person who contributes most to your household"

I responded: "Full-time mother

(But the person who earns the most MONEY is a Network Architect)."

My GOD I can't believe they phrased the question that badly. AUGH.
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It's 3:30 pm and I've just turned the telly on.

Mind you, so far today we have played in the garden (laundry, sandpit, watering the plants with the rainwater from the paddling pool), walked to the shops, done painting-and-sticking (Andy Warhol move over; Linnea has discovered making prints All By Herself and we now have three prints of a blue painting in the dining room), washed all the paint off, done the whole teeth and hair and clothes and nappy thing, picked a dandelion, found a stick on the way to the shop and stashed it behind a lamppost for retrieval on the way home (it was still there), listened to the baby kicking, read books, cut ALL her fingernails (they look longer with blue paint under them), had snack, lunch, other snack, tidied up several times (though you can't tell), and, er, other stuff I've forgotten.

Still, turning the telly on is a sure sign of failure.
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Today, it was overcast, with a max of 27C.

The clouds are going. It's going to be unrelieved sunshine, usually 28C, dropping no lower than 15C at night.

15C is my "comfortable room temperature". 18-20 is warm.

OK, this has happened every year since I've moved to the UK; several weeks of unbroken hot sunny weather. And the worst was Linnea's first summer, when she was too young for sunscreen and the house never got below 27C for two weeks. But this year, it's coinciding with my being 7 months pregnant.

I think we might be going out to the supermarkets a lot. They have aircon. We have lots of south-facing windows.

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