Feb. 6th, 2006

ailbhe: (baby)
We slept well, all three, and went to the hospital on the bus, which was fun. (It was fun because we had a toddler with us. I think it might have been very boring on our own). Once there we had a cup of tea and waited in the Tea Bar for my midwife, who came with her two boys who were both off school sick.

That Man walked by, and I ran away (of course) and found myself in the doorway of a utility room, shaking. I didn't get sick and I didn't cry much, though, so that's an improvement. It made me very stupid for the rest of my midwife appointment, over tea.

We filled in paperwork and set our next appointment - she will drop in "sometime on Friday". Then Rob and I toddled off to the ultrasound dept, Linnea in tow, where we waited for a short while, and I fed Linnea, before being covered in jelly. The baby (there's only one) was easy to see, and a little large for dates but not enough to warrant changing them, and lively. We saw arms and legs wiggling like crazy. Nothing was clear enough for a picture to take home, really, unlike the one we got of Linnea at 20 weeks (see above).

My next ultrasound is at the end of March.

After the appointment, we went all over the hospital trying to find food. The main restaurant staff were utterly unhelpful and we couldn't find anything there, but one of the snack places had a manager who overheard me asking a member of staff about dairy-free options and being not-answered. The manager went into the kitchen and read packets and gave me options and made me and Linnea a baguette each. So that worked out nicely.

Then we went into town and bought Linnea some slippers - the first pair were too small so we went back and bought a larger size - with penguins on them. Big, 3-d penguins, carrying fish. She likes them. Rob went to the Job Centre and I sat in a cafe with Linnea napping in the buggy, reading. I'm reading Louise Rennison - I read "Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging" a while ago when it was in the news, but wasn't really aware she had others until my lovely assistant librarian told me about them.

I have since laughed myself almost sick. Not at the teenage bits, mainly, but at the toddler bits. Toddler behaviour seen through the eyes of a teenage sibling is incredibly funny. And the general feeling of being amused means that the teenage bits are funny too.

We had cottage pie for dinner. Rob prepped it last night when he made the spag bol, since it all involves minced beef, and we just had to turn the oven on this evening.

Rob has all the paperwork we need for the unemployment insurance, and he has collected his drycleaned suit. So he can go to work tomorrow knowing he's all prepared. I may need to buy him some new shirts tomorrow, though. Hah.

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